HKIHRM Job Creation Scheme 3.0 (Groups B&C*) is Open for Applications Now!「HKIHRM創造職位計劃 3.0」(第二及第三組別*) 現已接受申請!

Highlights of the Scheme「計劃」要點

- Subsidy Amount : A monthly salary up to $10,000/month or actual monthly basic salary (whichever is lower)

- 資助金額:每月高達10,000港元或相當於實際工資的薪金資助(以較低金額為準)


- Subsidy Quota : Around 1,500 time-limited new job quotas for all job functions

- 資助配額:接近1,500個有時限的職位(不限工種)


- Subsidy Duration: A maximum of 12 consecutive months or until 31 October 2023 (whichever is earlier)

- 資助時限:最長連續12個月至2023年10月31日止(以較早者為準)

- Application Deadline : 13 January 2023 (First come first served)



Click below for more details 有關詳情,請參閱以下網址 


*Group B 第二組別: Industries that are heavily hit by the COVID-19 Pandemic


*Group C 第三組別: Fresh graduates in 2021 or 2022 




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