HKIHRM's response to 2022 Policy Address HKIHRM Supports the Adoption of a Proactive Approach to Attracting Enterprises, Talents and Telling of Hong Kong Stories

[19 October 2022 – Hong Kong] The Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management (HKIHRM) welcomes the strategy outlined in the Policy Address to strengthen Hong Kong’s competitiveness by proactively attracting enterprises and talents to give fresh impetus to the economy. The Institute also shares the view that there is an urgent need for the Government to promote Hong Kong via “story telling”

Commenting on the Policy Address, Lawrence Hung, President of HKIHRM, commended that the measures and policies unveiled by the Chief Executive today are in the right direction and will be conducive to attracting talents to fill human capital gaps. He emphasised that in enlarging Hong Kong’s human capital pool, it is necessary to take a holistic approach with all-round and well-co-ordinated policies and measures to support and meet the different needs of the required talents and their family members, including education and accommodation.


Hung noted that apart from those with a technology background, Hong Kong actually needs a wide range of talents with expertise and skills in different business, professional and occupational fields. In expanding the talent list, the Government should ensure the manpower and development needs of different economic and business sectors, including the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises, are taken good care of.


HKIHRM believes that while it is important to attract the best people from around the world to work in Hong Kong, equal emphasis should be placed on nurturing and training home-grown talents and providing them with opportunities for promising career and upward mobility. Hopefully, in the longer term, employers would be able to source sufficient talents from local graduates.


In attracting enterprises, HKIHRM warned against a one-size-fits-all approach. It pointed out that besides large corporations, efforts should be made to attract SMEs from overseas to complement and diversify the Hong Kong economy. Hung hoped that the Office for Attracting Strategic Enterprises to be set up will have good co-ordination with other departments, and avoid adding unnecessary bureaucracy or duplicating the ongoing work of Invest Hong Kong.


“Hong Kong indeed has many distinctive advantages and attractiveness, including our vibrant city life, diverse culture and beautiful natural environment. HKIHRM looks forward to joining hands with the Government in telling good stories of Hong Kong to business leaders in other places who may not know our latest situation since the pandemic,” Hung concluded.

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